Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about working with the system "SRM – Purchase"

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How many times is the self-registration form completed?


The self-registration form shall only be filled out one single time for any new supplier to Severstal GC.
Having sent the registration form you would have to receive notification letters sent to the email as specified by yours in the registration form. The notification letters shall contain a link to the qualification form, initial login and password to enter the system. Should you receive no letters with your login and password for entering the system within 5 to 10 minutes, please contact srm@severstal.com. Be aware that the automatically generated letters may well be readdressed to your mailbox Spam folder, therefore, please check this folder up.

How to find out the username and password to login?


Initial username and password are in the notification letters that would be sent to the email as specified by yours in the registration form.
Click the link in the notification letter to access the registration page and enter the initial username and password. Change the initial username and password to your own permanent username and password, which would only be known to you.
Any further entering to SRM shall be made via the link with your own registration data.

How to become a member of SRM and view the current trading procedures of Severstal Group of Companies?


Current suppliers to Severstal Group of Companies are subject to automatic registration provided they would have had the below given Form filled out and submitted via
e-mail srm@severstal.com

  • Full Company name*
  • INN/KPP Codes (Tax Payer’s ID No./Industrial Enterprise Classification Code)
  • Full name of Contact person*
  • E-mail address of Contact person*
  • Position of Contact person
  • Mobile phone of Contact person*

New suppliers shall fill out the self-registration form. You are kindly requested to contact us via srm@severstal.com to receive a link to the self-registration form. In order to have your company registered in SRM system, please, submit the data, as follows:

  • Full Company name
  • INN/KPP Codes

Work in SRM

How to find out the list of operational settings to participate in an online auction?


OS Win7,
Browser IE8,9,11
Java 7.43,7.51
You shall also have to add https://procurement.severstal.com/;https://procurement-srv.severstal.com/ to the list of exemptions for your browser while JAVA security and the safety level for JAVA shall be set to medium (if available for your version).

How to add notes to the quotation?


You may add notes while in the mode of tender editing by pressing “Add” -> “Offeror’s Notes”. When you are adding a note the system will request you to choose as to where to add, either to a given tender in general or to a specific item (here, you would have to select a relevant item from the list).

Will I receive a newsletter to e-mail address about the competitive procedures of Severstal Group of Companies?


You will receive notification be email provided a buyer to have invited you to participate in a given procedure.

Where can I see the documentation for the competition or make attachments?


There are two ways for posting documentation in inset “Attachments and Notes”, as follows:
1) Directly attach a file in Section “Attachments”
2) Attach a file via electronic folder “Cooperation”. Here, in “Common Area” you may review the buyer’s attachments; you may make your attachments in the Area that bears a reference number of your offer.

What is the way to submit a quotation in a different currency?


Please, feel free to submit your offer in any of the currencies whatever specified by buyer for a given tender. Select a required currency in inset “Tender Parameters” to amend it as required.

Is EDS required to work at the site?


Participation in SRM is free of charge and therefore does not require EDS.

How to find a competition in the list?


Make use of the filters of button “Quick Insertion of Criteria”; here, the most convenient way would be to put a tender reference number into line “Event reference number” (you may only partly put the number by limiting same with (*) symbol) and press “Copy”.

Another filter is just inside the info columns (“Event Reference Number”, “Event Description”, “Event Status”, etc.) and is available when pressing a column title.

I cannot see the required competition in the list.


Listing of the current tenders of Severstal GC is displayed in inset “Tenders and Auctions”.
Press “Update” to receive an actual information. Ensure no blocking filters are activated.

Please note that displayed in inset “Tenders and Auctions” are the current open tenders (accessible for all users) and the current closed tenders (accessible for the users invited by buyer).

I cannot change anything in the quotation; the quotation is open for viewing.


Press button “Process” in the upper left corner; your offer shall be now available for editing.

After editing, please ensure to press “Send” to submit your offer.

When I submit the quotation, the system gives a message of type “'0' in the price field means that the position is offered for free”


Should you have no offer for a given item, please zero the quantity offered.

Can I see my rating when submitting a quotation?


Price rating is not envisaged by the system standards both for quotation inquiries and double-envelope tenders. Price rating shall only be relevant for online auction procedures.

Why the competition does not open when I press its number?


The procurement procedure can be open for reviewing in a new window of your browser; please, check this up for a new window. Should there be no new window, you may likely have popups blocked; please, ensure popups be allowed by your browser (Internet Explorer is recommended).

Why the purchaser does not see the quotation that I have submitted?


Most likely, you have saved your offer without sending same; the offer current status is “Saved”.
To submit your offer, press “Process” first, then press “Sent”.
Thereafter, your offer status shall change to “Submitted”.

To submit your offer, press “Process” first, then press “Sent”.

Thereafter, your offer status shall change to “Submitted”.

Having submitted your offer you shall receive a notification letter by email. Typically, the letter shall be with you within 5 minutes after submitting of your offer; the letter advises you the offer to have been submitted for tender. Attached to the letter is a *.PDF file with a general information on the offer. Should you receive no letter while the status has changed to “Submitted”, you are advised as to immediately contact us via srm@severstal.com to provide info as follows:

  • NN/KPP of your entity
  • Tender reference number and your offer reference number
  • Wording “Please, check status of the offer in the system, byer does not see the offer”
  • Statement of the fact that no letter is available.

Should you receive the letter while the buyer does not see your offer, you are advised as to immediately contact us via srm@severstal.com to provide info as follows:

  • NN/KPP of your entity
  • Wording “Please, check status of the offer in the system, byer does not see the offer”
  • Attach your letter to advise us that your offer has been submitted.

What price shall be indicated in the offer?


The price in the offer shall be VAT exclusive.

How to add a new contact person or change company/contact data in SRM?


Editing of the company/user data, and adding of information shall directly be made in SRM in inset “Management”.
Details are given at page 9 “Instructions on registration and qualification” and further on.


Error "Attribute is required to fill out"


You have not responded to buyer’s mandatory answer. Inlet “Tender Parameter”, sub-inlet “Questions”.

When I try to make an attachment, I get the error message "The document title exceeds the allowed length"


There is an active limitation set for the number of symbols, up to and including 6 symbols. Rename the document or attach same into electronic folder “Cooperation”.

Error "Request is already open in another mode"


You shall exit the system by pressing “Exit the System” in the upper right corner. You may reenter the system in 10 minutes as earliest. This time period is required to automatically close a current session and discard blocking.
Should these be not enough to eliminate the error, we request you to clear the cache of your browser. Below is a quick guidance how to do it for Internet Explorer:
1. While in the browser, press Ctrl + Shift + Del.
2. In window “Delete browser history” select options “Temporary Internet files”, “Cookies files” and “Web form data”. Make sure, every other option is off.
3. Press “Delete”.

4. Close down every window of the browser, wait awhile, then reopen the browser and enter the SRM system of PJSC Severstal. From now on, tenders shall be displayed.

What to do if you entered your login/password incorrectly three times and blocked your account?


Make use of link “Cancel Password” at the entrance page of SRM. Wherein:

  • “ID of entering the system” is an initial login (combination of letters and numbers) that has been sent to your email when registering into the system
  • “Email is the email that has been specified when registering into the system.

What to do if you forget/lose your login and/or password?


Send your inquiry to the mailbox of support service: srm@severstal.com or make use of the feedback form at web site of Severstal. Please, ensure to mention INN and KPP codes of your entity for identification purpose.