Project of renovation of buildings and structures of CherMK

This is to invite construction companies and contractors to take part in the repair program for buildings and facilities of Cherepovets Steel Mill in 2018−2024.


The program includes renovation of the objects, as follows:

  • Faces of production buildings
  • Faces of the first level administration buildings
  • Faces of the second level administration buildings
  • Pedestrian tubes
  • Flyovers / pipelines
  • Fencing / guards
  • Conveyor tubes
  • Cooling towers
  • Gatehouses
  • Bus stops
  • Architectural lighting
  • Planning of adjacent territory
  • System of navigating along the mill site
  • Minor architectural forms

Types of work:

  • Repair of faces (ventilated facades, painting, plastering, graffiti)
  • Repair of soft/hard roofing
  • Waterproofing (base/basement)
  • Repair of pavings and reinforced concrete structures
  • Repair of steel structures (stairs, platforms, handrails)


Technical issues
Mr. Zaitcev, Sergey
Commercial and managerial issues
Mr. Lebedev, Pavel