«Severstal is constantly working to improve the efficiency of procurement processes»

About purchase policy

Severstal is constantly working to improve the efficiency of procurement processes.

All procurement processes are carried out within the framework of the applicable laws and current internal policies and procedures of Severstal Group of Companies.

Severstal assumes responsibility toward building an efficient collaboration with its Partners based on sharing the values specified in Severstal code of business conduct.

System of SRM-purchase

All procurement procedures of Severstal Group of Companies are carried out electronically using an automated Supplier Relationship Management System (SRM-Purchase).

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To: potential supplier

To participate in the procurement procedure, a potential supplier shall complete the registration and pre-qualification procedures.

Registration in SRM

To complete registration in the system, it is necessary to inform us on:

  • Tax reference number and code of reason for registration of the company;
  • E-mail and telephone number of the company employee.

Information for registration of the supplier are accepted at:

Outsourcing proposals

Severstal proposes business processes for outsourcing. If you are professionals in this field and would like to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with Severstal, read the rules of our work.

We invite construction companies and contractors
to take part in the project of renovation of buildings of Severstal PJSC

Commercial proposals

Severstal proposes to study the complete list of illiquid goods and materials, used vehicles and non-core assets for sale.


If you have identified a violation of the procurement procedure or it has become necessary to challenge the decisions of individual procurement procedures, you can contact the Committee for Conflict Resolution.