Steel with a special coating resistant to the damaging effects of biologically and chemically aggressive environments; is recomended for the construction and reconstruction of industrial and agricultural facilities.


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  • Long term service life of buildings at the expense of material having:
    • a special formulation of the polyurethane coating, which ensures stable protection of steel against the damaging effects of ammonia and other alkalis and acids;
    • large thickness of the layer of finishing enamel and thick-layer primer (total 40 microns);
    • increased amount of zinc – Z275;
    • thickness of steel, rolled without minus tolerances – 0.5 mm.
  • Sanitary and epidemiological well-being is guaranteed by environmental friendliness of the coating and safety of materials.
  • Radiation safety is guaranteed by radiological control of raw materials and finished products.
  • The hygiene of the premises and the ease of sanitization are achieved thanks to the excellent resistance of the wall coating to detergents and disinfectants.
  • Aestheticism and visual increase of space is observed due to light colors.

Key features

catalog-inner characteristic
catalog-inner characteristic
Expert conclusion
No. 77.01.03.П.009635.10.12
Compliance with the Uniform sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements. The content of potentially hazardous substances is many times lower than the hygienic standards.
Environmental Compliance Certificate
No. 00002539
The material has no harmful effects on humans and the environment.


Категория стойкости покрытия к УФ-излучению
Прочность покрытия при изгибе на 180
1.5T 1T 0.5T
5Дж 10Дж 15Дж 20Дж
при обратном ударе
по карандашу
каррозийная стойкость Испытание в камере солевого тумана
360 ч 500 ч 900 ч
Стойкость покрытия к конденсату (QCT)
500 ч 1000 ч 1500 ч
к аммиаку
+ + + + +
к щелочам
+ + + + -
к кислотам
+ + + + -
к спиртам
+ + + + -
к минеральным маслам
+ + + + +
к удобрениям
+ + + + -
к моющим средствам
+ + + + +
к дезинфицирующим веществам
+ + + + +
к растворителям
+ + + + +
Адгезия покрытия обратной стороны к пенополиуретанам и клеям
+ + + + +

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