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Steel for oilfield pipes

Severstal PJSC possesses modern industrial equipment which allows producing a skelp for manufacture of pipes for the broad range of service.
  • Tubing and casing pipes
  • Infrastructure development and operation of oil and gas wells
Steel for oilfield pipes 0
Steel for oilfield pipes 1


  • Strength: ultimate strength σв 470 MPa and higher, as per the customer’s request
  • Optimum microstructure of the rolled product and high uniformity of mechanical properties
  • Optimal chemical composition ensures high quality of welding and workability during pipe conversion.
  • Good weldability due to optimal chemical composition, allowing to maintain the relevant level of carbon equivalent – not more than 0.48%
  • Good hardenability to ensure the high strength groups after heat treatment
  • Durability due to high level of internal metal purity
  • (level of non-metallic inclusions is not more than 3 points according to GOST 1778, method Sh4)
  • Corrosion resistance due to chromium doping of 0.3% and higher


Grade ​Standard ​Thickness*, mm ​Width*, mm ​Length*, mm ​ ​​Packaging ​
J55 ​ ​ ​ ​API 5CT-11 ​ ​ ​ ​3,5012,009501835- - ​coil
4,008,00140599- - ​band
6,008,00500599- - ​band
6,0012,009501660- - ​coil
22GFspecs.5,0011,0010401690- - coil
22GUSTO5,0011,0010401800- - ​coil
22GUSpecs.5,007,00265495- - ​band
22GUspecs.5,0010,609501835- - ​coil
25GUSTO5,009,0010001700- - ​coil
25GUSTO5,508,0010501600- - ​coil
25GU; 22GU ​STO ​3,508,00110499- - ​band
3,509,009501750- - coil
J55; 22GUspecs.5,0010,6010001700- - coil
J55; H40API 5CT-113,7012,706001835- - ​coil
J55STO5,0010,0310401750- - ​coil
15HGMFspecs.4,0010,0010001500- - ​coil
20HGTSpecs.8,0010,0010401770- - ​coil
St3sp; 20; 17G1S-USpecs.5,0012,005001835- - ​coil
H60; H52Specs.5,2010,005001830- - ​coil
*The full range of dimensions is specified, specific dimensions shall be agreed when ordering

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