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Hot-rolled products

Hot-rolled steel for railway engineering

«Severstal» is one of the leading suppliers for the railway engineering sector.
  • Lining of the side and end walls of a railway car, frames for high-sided wagons, tank.
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Hot-rolled steel for railway engineering 1
Hot-rolled steel for railway engineering 2


  • Strength: 3sp/ps – 360-480 MPa; 09G2S/09G2D – 470 MPa minimum; 10KhSND/KhNDP – 510 MPa minimum; 30KhGSA – 490-740 MPa
  • Good weldability of 3ps/sp; 09G2S/D; 10KhSND/NDP due to the carbon equivalent restrictions (for St3 - no more than 0.43%, 10KhSND - no more than 0.49%)
  • Flatness of the rolled sheet before PN/PU according to GOST 19903 - no more than 12/10 mm
  • Ability to operate in a wide temperature range st3 - impact toughness up to -10оС; 09G2S и 10KhSND - impact toughness up to -70оС


Steel grade ​Standard ​Thickness, mm* ​
St3sp; St3psGOST 165231,203,90
St3sp; St3psGOST 146374,0050,00

09G2S; 09G2D;


10KhNDP; 30KhGSA

GOST 170661,203,90

09G2S; 09G2D; 10KhSND;

10KhNDP; 30KhGSА

GOST 192814,0050,00
09G2SGOST 55208,0050,00
* - The full range of dimensions is specified, specific dimensions shall be agreed when ordering

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