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Hot-rolled products

Hot rolled steel for petrochemical engineering

  • Reactors for petrochemistry
  • Column equipment
Hot rolled steel for petrochemical engineering 0


  • Guaranteed weldability, tensile strength not less than 410 MPa, hardness no more than 156 HB, PN/PU plane (steel 08–20)
  • Minimum tensile strength from 450 to 520 MPa, yield of 345 MPa, hardness up to 207 HB, flatness PN (steel 35-50)
  • Guaranteed weldability, PN/PU, yield not less than 390 MPa, minimum tensile strength 510 MPa, impact toughness down to -70 oC (steel 10HSND)
  • Yield not less than 245 MPa, strength not less than 400 MPa, impact toughness down to -20 оС (steel 20K, 22K)


Steel grade ​Standard ​Thickness*, mm ​Width*, mm ​
St 08-20GOST 15774,0016,005001835
Ст 35-50GOST 15774,0016,005001835
10HSNDGOST 192814,0016,005001835

GOST 14637

GOST 8568 (corrugated plate)


GOST 19281

GOST 5520

S345GOST 277724,0016,005001835
20КGOST 55204,0016,005001835
22КGOST 55204,0016,005001835
*The full range of dimensions is specified, specific dimensions shall be agreed when ordering

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