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Hot-rolled products

Hot-rolled steel for agricultural engineering 40; 45; 65Г; 30KhGSA

Production of “Severstal” company is used by Russian and foreign manufacturers of agricultural machinery.
  • Parts requiring increased strength: crankshafts, connecting rods, gears, camshafts, flywheels, gears, studs, ratchets, plungers, spindles, friction discs, axles, couplings, toothed rails, rolls.
  • Spring-type parts, thrust washers, friction discs, gears, bandages, brake drums and bands, brackets, bushings;
  • Cutting tools for cultivators, harrows and plows
  • Gears, flanges, casing shells, levers, tappets, important welded structures operating under alternating loads
Hot-rolled steel for agricultural engineering 40; 45; 65Г; 30KhGSA 0


  • Guaranteed set of mechanical properties (fluidity, strength, elongation) (steels 40, 45, 65G))
  • Normalized depth of the decarburized layer to increase the wear resistance index (steel 65G))
  • Restriction on non-metallic inclusions (not larger than 2 points) (steel 65G))
  • The category of normalized properties 1-3 (steel 30KhGSA))
  • Increased wear resistance (steel 30KhGSA))


Steel grade ​Standard ​Thickness*, mm ​Width*, mm ​
40; 45GOST 15774,0050,009002550
GOST 15774,0016,009001835
* - The full range of dimensions is specified, specific dimensions shall be agreed when ordering

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