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Hot-rolled products

High-strength steel for ships and platforms

Products of Severstal Company is used in both civil and naval shipbuilding.
It is used for operation in extreme conditions.
  • Parts of hulls for ships, offshore stationary drilling platforms, floating drilling platforms and infrastructure facilities (quays, terminals, oil storages) for operation in extreme conditions


  • Yield strength up to 690 MPa
  • Cold resistance down to -60 °C
  • Resistance to laminar rupture (Z properties)


Certifying Authority ​Standard ​Steel grade ​Thickness, mm ​Width, mm ​Ultimate strength, MPa ​
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping​ ​ ​09.70247.190/
Clause 3.13-3.14 Part XIII "Materials" Rules for classification and construction of sea-going ships судов ​
A620; D620; E620; A620Z35; D620Z35; E620Z35up to 4015002530690
A690; D690; E690; A690Z35; D690Z35; E690Z35up to 3515002530690
TU 5.961-11679,
GOST R 52927
E500; E500Z25; E500Z35; E500СВ; E500СВZ25; E500СВZ35; E500Wup to 3515002530690
Part XIII "Materials" Rules for classification and construction of sea going ships. Part XII "Materials" Rules for classification. construction and equipment of floating drilling platforms
GOST R 52927,
TU 5.961-11679
D500CB; D500CBZ25; D500W; E500CB; E500CBZ25; E500Wup to 5015004000690

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