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High-strength steel for automotive industry SeverWeld (S460QL−S690QL)

SeverWeld (S460QL-S690QL) is a high-strength steel with high strength, good weldability and ductility.
  • Welded beams, trailers, booms, rotary mechanisms
  • Car chassis


  • High strength characteristics due to use of the optimally selected steel micro-alloying scheme and heat treatment modes
  • High weldability due to limiting carbon and carbon equivalent
  • Low content of harmful impurities in steel and optimally selected modes of hot rolling and heat treatment provide cold resistance up to -70 °С


Steel grade​StandardThickness*, mm​Width*, mm​Yield strength min, MPa​Ultimate strength, MPaRelative elongation min, %​
S460QLEN 10125-6-2004 ​ ​ ​ ​12,0025,0014003500460550 – 72017
S500QL12,0025,0014003500500590 – 77017
S550QL12,0050,0014003500550640 – 82016
S620QL12,0050,0014003500620700 – 89015
S690QL10,0050,0014003500690770 – 94014

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