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One of the most promising ways to produce bimetal is the wide-layer electroslag hard-facing (EHF), which has been mastered by Severstal for production of bimetallic two- and three-layer sheet blanks on the plants specially designed for this purpose.
  • Boilers
  • Chemical reactors
  • Column equipment


  • Unique set of operational and process characteristics, not achievable in a single metal (strength of metals included in the composition, with guaranteed bond continuity at the level of the continuity class 0 and 1, according to GOST 10885)
  • Cost-efficient use of scarce and expensive materials
  • Absence of delaminations both in the process of equipment manufacturing and its operation (bond strength of layers for qualitatively new bimetals is not lower than 300 N/mm2)
  • The best metal among domestic and foreign analogs, due to the unique technology of its production (absence of non-metallic inclusions, sulfur)


Steel grade ​Standard ​Thickness*, mm ​Width*, mm ​
09G2S+08H13 ​ ​GOST 108858,0050,0012002400
GOST 108858,0016,0010001550
STP 105–P.135–068,0016,0010001550
+12Х18Н10Б ​ ​
GOST 108858,0050,0012002400
GOST 108858,0016,0010001550
STP 105–P.135–068,0016,0010001550
12ХМ+08Х13GOST 108858,0050,0012002400
GOST 108858,0050,0012002400
Yield strength at 400 oC not less than 157 MPa

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