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Hot-rolled products

Armored steel for defense purposes

  • Armored personnel carriers (BTR 82, the “Boomerang” platform)
  • Armored vehicles (“Tiger / Wolf”, “Bear”, ‘Typhoon”, “Dozor/Vystrel”)
  • MLRS “Tornado”
  • SPG (“Giazint“; “Akatsia“; “Msta-S“)
  • SPAAG and SAM launchers (“Tunguska“; “Pantsir-1S“; “TOR-M2“; “S-300V/VM“)
  • Two-section transporters “Vityaz” (for motorized infantry brigades in the North)


  • High ductility of steel, which leads to deformation of the metal without a rupture or split
  • After heat treatment at the customer’s, it is able to withstand dynamic impact the a 12.7 mm gauge cartridge with the B-32 bullet (protection class BR 6)
  • Small weight contributes to higher maneuverability and speed of transport
  • Balanced chemical composition
  • High strength and hardness
  • Protection against blast wave and increased durability due to homogeneous steel structure
  • Provision of high ballistic protection
  • Anti-bullet protection
  • Ability to withstand repeated ballistic impacts


For information on the main characteristics of armored steel for defense purposes, please, feel free to contact our manager.

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