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Hot-rolled products

Armor steels for commercial use

Severstal Company offers armor steel without heat treatment, with a certain chemical composition, which allows the customer to obtain mechanical properties on the level of existing standards with further processing by the consumer.
  • Personal protective equipment (body armor)
  • Equipment for shooting ranges, bullet traps
  • Operational cash registers, safes, cabinets, vaults
  • Doors, shutters, gates, equipment for penitentiary facilities
  • Armored roadblocks, guard cabins
  • Cash delivery vehicles, special vehicles for jewelry transportation
  • Private armored cars
  • Armored railway transport (cars and locomotives)


  • Balance of safety and convenience: optimally selected armor thickness
  • reduced discomfort due to reduction of protective equipment weight
  • reduced risk of damage to human body internals due to excess of unspent kinetic energy of flight (typical for a thick armor)
  • Balanced chemical composition
  • High strength and hardness
  • Protection against blast wave and increased durability due to homogeneous steel structure
  • Provision of high ballistic protection
  • Anti-bullet protection
  • Ability to withstand repeated ballistic impacts


Characteristics ​Values ​
Steel grade40HS2N2М; 42HSNМА; 43HSNМА; 44HNMFА; 45HNMFА; 45HSNМFBА; 45H2NМFBА ​
Alloying systemCr+Ni+Mo+V(Nb) ​
Thickness*, mm2,0020,00
Width*, mm9501500
Length*, mm200012000
C, %≤ 0,48 ​
Ultimate strength, MPa15001600
Hardness, НВnot more than 444**
* The full range of dimensions is specified, specific dimensions shall be agreed when ordering ** In a softened state (after thermostating and annealing)

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