Steel with the thermal hardening effect (BH)

Severstal PJSC manufactures and supplies thermally hardened steel (cold-rolled steel), which is used in the automotive industry.
  • Parts of car body and automobile components
Steel with the thermal hardening effect (BH) 0


  • Hardening achieved in a single process flow in the process of drying of the body paint and varnish coating
  • Increased resistance to dents of finished parts with slight deformation during molding (hood, roof, doors, fenders)
  • Significant mass reduction potential with equivalent dent resistance (thickness reduction is compensated by increased yield strength due to heat treatment process)


Steel grade ​Standard ​Thickness*, mm ​Width*, mm ​Length*, mm ​

ZStE 220 WN;

ZStE 260 WN

SEW 094-870,503,009001500- -
ZStE 180BH ​ ​

SEW 094-87

​ ​
0,603,00901600- -
0,702,808001500- -
HC180BEN 10268-060,502,809001500- -
*- The full range of dimensions is specified, specific dimensions shall be agreed when ordering Technical characteristics of steel grade HC180B
Steel gradeThickness, mmYield strength, MPaUltimate strength, MPaElongation min,%Plastic deformation coefficient r minExponent of strain hardening n minThermal hardening BH2 min, MPa
HC180B ​ ​≤ 0,70180 - 230 ​ ​300 - 360 ​ ​321,600,17 ​ ​35 ​ ​

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