Electrotechnical dynamo steel

PJSC "Severstal" has many years of experience in production and supply of rolled metal products for the manufacture of household appliances.
  • Electrical components of household appliances (motors, generators, compressors, etc.)
Electrotechnical dynamo steel 0


  • High flatness characteristics - up to 5 mm
  • Partially separate packing


Steel grade ​Thickness*, mm ​Width*, mm ​Length*, mm ​
2011; 2012; 2111; 2112; 2211; 2212; 2214; 221621427.2-830,500,65801020- -
M400-50A; М470-50А; М530-50А; М600-50А; М700-50А; М530-65А; М600-65А; М800-50А; М800-65А; М700-65А; М450 – 50 ЕКEN 101060,500,65901020- -
*- Specified is the full range of dimensions, specific dimensions shall be agreed when ordering

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