Steel silk

Metal with a polymer coating, optimally combining durability and attractive appearance.

Used for the manufacture of:

  • Metal tiles
  • Profiled sheeting
  • Wall and roofing sandwich panels
  • Siding
  • Facade cassettes
  • Linear panels
Steel silk 0


  • Reliable roofing material of high quality, selected specifically for your region
  • Popular European colors and aesthetic appearance
  • Compliance with standards and regulations in Europe and the Russian Federation
  • The best price-quality ratio

Key features

catalog-inner characteristic
The colors of metal “Steel Silk” as close as possible to the colors of natural tile.
RAL: 3020 base red
RAL 3011: red-brown
RAL 3003: ruby red
RAL 8019: gray-brown
RAL 8017: chocolate brown
RAL 7024: gray graphite
RAL 6005: green moss
RAL 3005: wine red
Attention! The colors on the monitor screen may differ significantly from the actual ones due to the peculiarities of the color rendition.
Production of other colors is possible upon additional agreement.


НаименованиеТерриторииМарка сталиСтандартТолщина, ммШирина, мм (min-max)Масса Zn,
Толщина покрытия, мкм
Стальной шелк ClassicС умеренной влажностью и умеренной солнечной активностью08псГОСТ Р 52146-030,50900-155018025
Стальной шелк WP (Water Protection)С повышенной влажностью08псГОСТ Р 52146-030,50900-155027525
Стальной шелк SP (Sun Protection)С высокой солнечной активностью08псГОСТ Р 52146-030,50900-155018030
Стальной шелк DP (Double Protection)С повышенной влажностью и высокой солнечной активностью08псГОСТ Р 52146-030,50900-155027530

How to buy?

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Kiryushkin Kirill Borisovich

Senior Manager

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Customer reviews

I chose a metal tile from “Steel Silk” from Severstal. In my opinion the price-quality correspondence is perfect. A beautiful appearance, guaranteed normalized thickness and written guarantee of the manufacturer became decisive factors when choosing a metal tile.

I am sure that my roof will really serve for declared 25 years.

Valery Demeschenko, General Director of “Metal-Pro” SMC

Based on my rich experience, I can confidently say about the rolled products “Steel Silk” and “Steel Velvet” – products of excellent quality. The layer of galvanizing, polymer coating, plastics of the rolled products – everything meets the highest requirements of manufacturers and consumers. Especially now, when the amount of low-quality rolled metal on the Russian market (thickness, quality and coating, etc.) is enormous. Sometimes it is scary to offer consumers products from such a metal.

The assessment of your “Silk Silk” on my part – all my and my friends’ roofing only from this metal.

V. Rogozhnikov, Executive Director, “ProfMetStroy-4”

Why “Steel Silk”? Firstly, because is a new modern type of coating, secondly, quality, which is confirmed by a guarantee, thirdly, an affordable price and the opportunity to buy in my region, fourthly, attractive appearance of the finished roof.