Rephosphorized steel HX220PD–HX260PD

Severstal PJSC has the widest assortment of products for the automotive industry among Russian metallurgical enterprises.
  • Body parts of cars
  • Parts of cabs for trucks and light commercial vehicles
  • Automobile components
Rephosphorized steel HX220PD–HX260PD 0


  • High ratio of strength to ductility
  • Thermal hardening effect
  • High level of impact energy absorption


Steel gradeYield strength, MPaUltimate strength, MPaElongation min, %Plastic deformation coefficient r, minExponent of strain hardening n, min
HX220PD220 - 280340 - 400321,30,15
HX260PD260 - 320380 - 44028- -
* - Mechanical properties transverse to the rolling direction are specified Rolled product meets the requirements of EN 10292:2004

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