Galvanized steel

Galvanized rolled product is a cold-rolled steel strip coated with a layer of zinc. Galvanizing allows to protect the metal from corrosion.


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  • Durability and reliable protection of the structure against corrosion thanks to the unique technology of applying hot zinc to the steel surface, ensuring their maximum adhesion
  • Plasticity and strength, which allows to obtain the desired shape of the product annd protect the metal from corrosion on bends
  • Packaging and labeling

    In bundles

    In bundles:

    • pack weight – up to 10 t
    • delivery is possible in band with widths from 100 to 750 mm.
    In rolls

    In rolls:

    • Coils – from 5 to 20 tons
    • outer diameter of a coil at the exit: from 1100 to 2200 mm
    • internal diameter of a coil: from 600 to 620 mm


    Марка стали ​Стандарт ​Толщина*, мм ​Ширина*, мм ​Характеристики покрытия ​
    minmaxminmaxВид покрытияКласс покрытия

    08пс; 08Ю;

    Ст3сп/пс; Ст1пс;

    ГОСТ 14918-800,402,009001500МТ - без узора кристаллизации
    КР - с узором кристаллизации
    Класс 1, 2

    08пс; 08Ю;


    ГОСТ Р 52246-040,302,009001500М - матовый, без узора кристаллизации
    Н - с узором кристаллизации
    МД - матовый, дрессированный
    Класс ГЦ 100 - 275
    *Full rage of dimensions is specified, specific dimensions shall be agreed when ordering

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