ArmaNorma (А600С)

Severstal has developed a unique ArmaNorma rebar (A600C rebar) – a new generation of alloy rebar rolled stock with a unique combination of strength and ductility.

In the production of ArmaNorma special alloying elements are used, which allow using it instead of any other class rebar (A400, A500C, At800).

The versatility of ArmaNorma allows to reduce consumption of rolled metal and unify the materials used.


ArmaNorma – the new norm of the construction market

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Severstal for the construction industry

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ArmaNorma (А600С) 0


  • Allows replacement of any rebar class
  • Ensures reliability of a structure at lower costs
  • Provides durability of operation of buildings and structures
  • Guarantees additional fire protection of the structure. Softening onset temperature
  • t н.р. = +700°С
  • Provides high strength in combination with high ductility: yield strength
  • Qt = 650 N/mm2; ultimate strength Qw = 740 N/mm2
  • Ensures safety of structures, not prone to embrittlement after welding
  • Recommended for use in different geographical and climatic conditions, including in seismically active districts
  • Allows you to quickly identify “ArmaNorma” among other classes due to distinctive marking
  • Guarantees high product quality due to stable chemical composition

Key features

catalog-inner characteristic
The diameters of the rebar – 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 32, 36, 40 mm.
Strength class
Strength class according to TU 14-1-5596-2010
RF patent
No. 2381283
RF patent

Packaging and labeling

​Product labeling on metal tags

In rolls

In rolls:

  • outer diameter – 1400 mm
  • internal diameter – 850 mm
  • the height of the pressed bundle – 850 mm
  • weight of the bundle – 990 kg

Certificates and documents

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Customer reviews

...The use of A600C rebar allowed to exclude from the process the rods hardening operation (by drawing). As a non-stressed reinforcement, steel A600C was used in the production of piles with a decrease in the diameter of the working reinforcement, which made it possible to reduce the prime cost of the product. In the manufacture of C100.30-12 piles, replacement of Ø22АIII with Ø20А600С allowed to reduce consumption of rebar by 21 kg per one product.
А. V. Stepanov – Zhelezobeton CJSC – Ivanovo – RF
... the unique characteristics of the A600C really allowed to obtain an economic effect on the house (about 900 thousand rubles) by reducing the metal consumption, optimal cutting to size and reducing overhead costs.
Yu. V. Banchukov – Profit Center LLC – Yaroslavl – RF