Cherepovets Steel Mill Plans to increase investments in environmetal activities to1.25 billion rubles in 2012

ОАО Severstal (“Severstal” or the “Company”), one of the world’s leading vertically integrated steel and steel related mining companies, announces that  its Cherepovets Steel Mill, part of the Severstal Russian Steel Division and  one of the world's largest standalone integrated steelworks by capacity, plans to push up investments in environmental activities in 2012 to 1.25 billion rubles (more than US $42 million), some 57% above the last year.

The most important projects include the construction of a new system for  capturing fugitive emissions from the steelmaking process, which was announced in 2011. The investment measure with the total cost of more than 3 billion rubles ($US 96 million) is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014.

Besides, effluent discharge outlet No. 8,9 is to be closed down in 2012.

Among major programs to be launched this year is an upgrade of gas cleaning of shaft furnace No. 1 in the steelmaking process, installation of a system for  cleaning aspiration air in the sintering process, etc.

An environmentally friendly production technology to be implemented at  Severtar (this business unit is under construction under the agreement with  RÜTGERS Group, with Cherepovets Steel Mill coke and by-product process employed) will be highly efficient. 

A total of 17 projects for the minimization of impact on the environment will be implemented at Cherepovets Steel Mill.

Andrei Lutsenko, Manufacturing Director and Chief Engineer, Division Severstal Russian Steel commented: “We work hard to reduce the environmental impact. Both air and water protection measures, and also projects for reducing industrial waste disposal are well underway. In 2012 through 2015, we are going to infuse almost RUR 11 billion in meeting those objectives.”