Cherepovets Steel Mill doubles sales volumes of special steel to shipbuilding industry

In the first ten months of 2012, the Cherepovets Steel Mill (“CheMC”), part  of the Russian Steel division of OAO Severstal, one of the world’s leading steel and steel-related mining companies, has doubled sales volumes of special steel to the shipbuilding industry year on year.

Special, cold-resistant steel grades АК and АB are used primarily by the defense. In October alone, CheMC shipped more than two thousand tonnes of flat metal products to Shipyard “Yantar”, for the construction of next generation patrol ships. CheMC’s rolled metal products were shipped to the customer by  sea, ensuring delivery on-time and at minimal cost, and will be used in the construction of the ships’ hulls.

Konstantin Rodyuk, Commercial Director of Shipyard “Yantar”, commented: “Severstal is our chosen supplier because of their cost-competitiveness and the scope and flexibility of their delivery to meet our requirements, for example their ability to deliver products by sea. We are pleased with our partnership and the quality and delivery of Severstal’s products, including their troubleshooting skills.”

Alexander Grubman, CEO of Severstal Russian Steel, commented: “CheMC is  vastly experienced at manufacturing specialist steel grades for shipbuilding customers and is one of the industry’s leading suppliers of rolled metal products.”

A draft program for developing and reinvigorating the shipbuilding industry in Russia between 2013–2030 has recently been discussed at a Russian Federal Government meeting.

CheMC has already developed large-scale shipbuilding steel production facilities in its basic oxygen furnaces, which benefits shipbuilding customers by cutting the turnaround time, and adds more value to special steel.