Severstal Health Program

People are one of the most important assets of Severstal, therefore the company is committed to protecting the health of its employees. Improvement of health and wellness of employees is one of the priorities of the social policy of all enterprises of Severstal PJSC.

Excess incidence in Russia is an acute healthcare, social and economic issue. The Medical Unit of Cherepovets Steel Mill of Severstal PJSC (Severstal Cherepovets Steel Mill) reported that in 2002, more than 1000 employees were unable to work on an average day for health reasons.

To respond to this issue, Cherepovets Steel Mill developed a comprehensive Health of Severstal program, in 2002, focused on improving health and wellness of our employees.

A Steering Committee headed by the Director of Social Programs of Severstal Cherepovets Steel Mill to manage this program.

In 2010, this program was replicated from Cherepovets Steel Mill to other businesses of Severstal in Cherepovets, now covering more than 40,000 employees.

Program Objectives:

  • Improve health of employees, and reduce incidence rate, level of disabilities and mortality among them;
  • Improve healthcare quality and accessibility;
  • Improve primary care quality and create suitable environment for efficient pre-hospitalization healthcare;
  • Develop preventive care;
  • Provide high-tech healthcare services to employees.

The program spans several areas:

  • Healthcare services (prevention and treatment of metallurgist health conditions);
  • Operation of Engineering and Healthcare Crew (organization and management of workplace healthcare events);
  • High-quality food services for employees;
  • Sports and wellness programs as a means of preventive care;
  • Informational support and promotion of healthy lifestyle in the media.

Healthcare Services

Severstal Medical Unit offers high-quality healthcare services to employees of Severstal in Cherepovets. The Medical Unit comprises more than 50 medical stations located in the industrial site of Severstal Cherepovets Steel Mill (including 13 stations operating 24x7), two outpatient clinics, a hospital and a maternity center and clinic.

The outpatient clinics at the Medical Unit of Severstal are modern primary care facilities offering the following services:

  • physical examinations, patient consultations and treatment administration;
  • emergency healthcare;
  • pre-shift examinations;
  • preventive vaccinations;
  • health education;
  • annual flu and URI vaccinations, and many other services.

Continuous improvement of physical infrastructure helps the company to significantly improve metallurgist healthcare. The company spends more than 60 million RUB per year on new Medical Unit equipment. Our Medical Unit now offers extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, laser therapy, ultrasound diagnostics and endoscopy. Angiography and magnetic resonance imaging machines are the latest additions to the Medical Unit.

Medical Unit offers the following programs:

  • “Free distribution of medicines” to employees registered for regular medical check-up for cardiovascular and gastrointestinal conditions.
  • “Regular check-ups”. More than 12 thousand people receive check-ups every year.

Since 1999

  • “School of Diabetes”. School of Diabetes sponsored by Severstal Cherepovets Steel Mill provides free diabetes test strips to employees. More than 489 employees were trained.
  • “Manager”. Every year, up to 130 company managers receive three-day check-ups followed by treatments when necessary.

Since 2004

  • “Hypertension”. 26 medical stations (more than fifty percent) are equipped with automated blood pressure monitors sponsored by the company. More than 46 blood pressure measurements are done every year at these stations. This program helped to identify more cardiovascular conditions at earlier stages and at the same time reduced average time off work for health-related reasons (from 11.2 to 11 days) due to timely adoption of measures for treatment of the disease at an early stage. Total amount of time off work of employees for cardiovascular reasons reduced by 16.4%.

Since 2005

  • “In-Person and Distance Learning Programs of the School of Hypertension”. This program is focused on “rules of engagement” for employees with registered hypertension. More than 523 employees have been trained already.

Since 2007

  • “Weight Reduction School”.

Employees receive healthcare services on shop floor basis. Physicians assigned to individual shops see patients in the outpatient clinic and, at certain hours, in medical stations. Shop floor management receives monthly reports on prevalence of diseases and preventive healthcare activities.

Maternity and childhood protection programs are a priority at Severstal. Our female employees have access to a unique healthcare facility with a maternity welfare center, maternity obstetric service and a department of gynecology. Maternity clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. More than 1900 children are born in the clinic every year. We also offer the Mother and Child postpartum check-up program.

In 2003, Severstal implemented subsidized dental care program for industrial workers, which increased accessibility of dental care for Severstal Cherepovets Steel Mill employees by 41%.

Workplace Healthcare

The Engineering and Healthcare Crew (EHC) has been operating at the Mill for several years. The Crew is focused on identifying causes of health problems, defining and monitoring wellness activities, and evaluating results of healthcare departments. EHC evaluates up to 10 departments per year and designs comprehensive preventive healthcare programs focused on reducing time off work for health-related reasons. CEO designs and approves the annual industrial safety program. The company spends more than 300 million RUB per year on scheduled activities.

In 2010, all businesses of Severstal Russian Steel Division adopted a unified workplace quality standard. The purpose of this standard is to ensure that Severstal Russian Steel businesses offer their employees quality workplaces promoting high labor discipline, health and wellness of employees, reduction of occupational diseases, higher productivity, additional motivation and attractiveness of workplaces.

High-Quality Food Services for Employees

High-quality and well-organized food services help to protect health and well-being of steel workers, increase their life expectancy, and overcome hard crises caused by stress factors.

Our Food Services Association includes 40 food services facilities located directly in the industrial area. The primary objective of these facilities is to offer high-quality and nutritionally balanced food using the latest technologies, and to provide convenient service for steel workers as close to workplaces as possible.

Diet therapy is recognized as a non-medicinal disease treatment and prevention tool. It is free of adverse effects from medicinal therapies. According to Severstal Medical Unit data, prevalence of gastrointestinal diseases among Severstal employees reduced by 47.1% over the last 5 years. More than 15 thousand metallurgists eat in corporate cafeterias daily.

Health Resorts and Wellness Programs

Health resort treatments and wellness programs are a special component of the healthcare and disease prevention programs. Timely vocational rehabilitation allows employees to return to work after treatment up to 5 days earlier, and to reduce the risk of complications and relapses. Cherepovets Steel Mill spends up to 150 million RUB every year on treatment programs for steel workers and their children in Rodnik and other Russian health resorts.

Rodnik Health Resort, a subsidiary of Cherepovets Steel Mill, includes a care and prevention clinic and a rehabilitation center, and serves up to 6,000 steel workers every year.

Rodnik Health Resort is focused on the following:

  • Preventive care;
  • Early and accurate diagnostics;
  • Non-medicinal treatments;
  • Healthy lifestyles education.

The health resort has a multidisciplinary diagnostics center with a clinical biochemistry laboratory offering more than 100 tests. There are functional diagnostic facilities, facilities for ultrasound scan of internal organs. The center is equipped with unique state-of-the-art equipment, which makes it possible to conduct a comprehensive examination of the body, both for the purpose of diagnosis and to monitor treatment. Individual approach to every patient is a fundamental idea behind our treatment process. According to collective bargaining agreement, an employees pay only 10% co-pay out of overall health resort package costs.

As a part of the Health of Severstal program, in October, 2005, Severstal launched a care and preventive treatment center (a department of Rodnik Health Resort) in the industrial zone of Sheet Rolling Plant #2. As the result, more than 400 steel works receive treatments near their workplaces.

Sports and Wellness Programs

One of the main directions of implementation of the Health of Severstal program is the rehabilitation of employees and their families by means of physical culture and sports.

Volunteer instructors work in all business units of Severstal Russian Steel. The company offers to its employees a range of modern sports and wellness facilities including Metallurg Stadium, fitness and health center, Almaz Ice Palace, Dom Fizkultury Wellness Center with a swimming pool and several gyms, the Sports Center, a shooting range, Yubileyny Sports Complex, and a ski center with a countryside stadium. Severstal allocates more than 28 million RUB every year on sports and physical education events.

Severstal’s physical education and wellness program is focused on organization of sports events among employees of shops aimed at involvement of Severstal Russian Steel employees in sports and wellness activities, and on promotion of healthy lifestyles among them. The Company runs sports events among employees of directorates, shops, sections, and crews working in continuous production. Various contests are organized such as Health Trail or Health Track, as well as multiple sports events. Company management constantly motivates event participants and organizers, and promptly responds to new needs of employees thereby improving overall results. Cherepovets Steel Mill hosts more than 250 sports and wellness events every year and supports 145 wellness groups serving more than 4 thousand employees.

Informational Support

Informational support, signage and feedback loop with employees are indispensable components of the Health of Severstal program. The company annually runs a contest for the best department in implementation of the Health of Severstal program, based on the results of which the top 5 teams are selected that receive a bonus by virtue of an order of the Director General.

Regularly, members of the Steering Committee, based on the results of implementation of the program, hold meetings with teams of employees and organize information conferences, with the aim of informing about the implementation of the program and receiving feedback from employees on the existing problems.

Program results are available on Severstal Russian Steel’s corporate portal and regularly published in corporate newsletters and Cherepovets media.

Program results

Since the program start, prevalence of diseases among Severstal employees decreased by 27.1%, and number of acquired disabilities reduced up to 48%.

Favorable working conditions and employee healthcare are some of the most important prerequisites for our sustainable development. That is why the major future objective of the Severstal Health program is to switch over to metallurgists' healthcare system focused on healthy life-style.