The Road Back Home Charity Program

The Road Back Home: a social partnership for the sake of children

In 2006, Severstal launched a charitable program called Road Back Home aimed at preventing social orphanhood and juvenile delinquency in Cherepovets. This Program is implemented by the similarly-named foundation and unites the initiatives and resources of businesses, the government and the public to solve an important social issue. Personal protectorship is carried out by the program initiator – Chairman of Board of Directors of Severstal PJSC A. Mordashov Currently, over 140 social institutions in Cherepovets are taking part in the implementation of the target Road Back Home Program.

Individual projects within the program are also carried out in other cities where the Company carries out its operations: Vorkuta, Kostomuksha, Balakovo, Veliky Ustyug, Krasavino, Olenegorsk, Volgograd and Yaroslavl.

The social technologies used have proven to be effective and have shown that supporting mothers and families in difficult life situations allows them to keep children in birth families, whereas orphans can find responsible parents.

For the purpose of development and improvement of the program’s practices and evaluation of project effectiveness, events such as conferences, round tables and work groups with representatives of government and local authorities, specialists from social sphere at the federal level and from the regions of presence, are used. At these meetings, issues of cooperation and results of work are discussed, as well as further ways of interaction and support of project activities by the local communities are outlined.

Due to the joint activities of the city preventive care authorities and the Road Back Home charity foundation, the social situation in Cherepovets was significantly improved. Every year the number of orphans in the city decreases, most of the children are placed in substitute families. The so-called “difficult” children remained mostly – adolescents, brothers and sisters, disabled children.

In 2018, the Road Back Home program plans to replicate the technology of early detection of family problems in the areas of the Vologda Oblast and the cities where Severstal operates. This technology includes the development of new forms of rehabilitation leisure work with minors; participation in grant competitions for the development of new methods and practices of work with families in difficult life situations; active involvement of citizens and responsible entrepreneurs in voluntary and charitable activities.

The Children of Cherepovets. Way to Success Program

In 2017, in Cherepovets, on the initiative of Severstal, a program was launched to develop and support gifted and talented schoolchildren called “Children of Cherepovets. Way to Success. It is implemented with the participation of the Traektoriya Foundation for Support of Scientific, Educational and Cultural Initiatives and the Mayor’s Office of Cherepovets under the personal patronage of A. Mordashov.
The Road Back Home charity foundation is the program operator.

The goal of the Program: to create and develop the creative environment for the identification and systematic support of gifted and talented children in the field of natural sciences.

Main blocks:

  • scientific and methodological workshops for teachers;
  • competition among supplementary operations teachers in Cherepovets;
  • competitive selection of schoolchildren to participate in the specialized session of Severstal in the children's camp Korabely Prionezhya and conduction of the session itself;
  • development of educational programs and activities for motivated students and teachers.

In April–May, 2017, the first lectures, workshops for children, as well as trainings and a competition for teachers of biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry of schools, lyceums, gymnasiums and institutions of supplementary education in Cherepovets were held. The events were attended by about 200 children, 186 teachers, 40 teachers participated in the competition. 13 winners of the competition received professional training at the Sirius educational center in Sochi and received sets of popular science literature from the Traektoriya Foundation.

In September, a competition was held among students in ninth grades of secondary schools, lyceums and gymnasiums of Cherepovets. 62 applications were submitted for the competition, 35 people passed the competitive selection, demonstrating success in studying natural science disciplines. Winners of the competition and 13 teachers from Cherepovets took part in the specialized session at the Korabely Prionezhya children's educational center on the shores of Lake Onega. During the week, teachers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa and Bryansk, honored teachers, winners of various competitions and presidential awards presented lectures for children, carried out seminars and practical training in physical, chemical and biological areas and humanitarian and artistic development.

Based on the creativity center for children and teenagers, conditions have been created for the organization of specialized biology classes. For this purpose, state-of-the-art equipment has been acquired: microscopes, micro laboratories, microsamples, laboratory glassware, protective equipment, furniture, software.

The contribution of Severstal to the development of this program in 2017 amounted to 5.5 million rubles.

The Blago Charitable Foundation

In 1999, the Blago Charitable Foundation was established to carry out charitable programs. The foundation provides assistance to over 21 thousand veterans – steelworkers. The non-profit organization Blago Charitable Foundation aims to provide social support and protection to citizens, including improving the material situation of the low-income persons, social rehabilitation of pensioners, the disabled, and others who, due to their physical characteristics and other circumstances, are not able to provide an adequate standard of living for themselves.

The Milyutin Charitable Foundation

Keeping the Russian tradition of charity and patronage, in 1999 Severstal established Ivan Andreevich Milyutin Charitable Foundation named after a Mayor of Cherepovets who served for 46 years in the second half of 19th century. The Foundation was created for the purpose of social protection: assistance to the disabled, the sick, orphans, centers for helping children without parental care, boarding schools, homes for elderly people and hospitals.