Social politics

Partnership of the company with its employees, the local community and the government has become the basis of the social policy of CherMK.

Cherepovets Steel Mill won the Russian Contest of Socially Responsible Businesses on numerous occasions.

As the largest employer and taxpayer of Cherepovets and Vologda Oblast, the company is committed to addressing the entire range of social issues: from organization of leisure activities and recreation for children of employees, to payment of retirement benefits in favor of the retiring veterans of the company, from implementation of Severstal Health Program to charitable projects and programs to preserve the historical and cultural heritage.

For employees

According to the collective bargaining agreement of Severstal PJSC signed between the administration and the employees for 2018–2020, the company has improved the package of social guarantees and benefits, and also has increased the amount of funds allocated for implementation of social programs.

The package of social benefits and guarantees for employees is included in the collective bargaining agreement, which is considered among the best in mining and steelmaking industries.

Conditions created for personal fulfilment are supported by the company's social programs in various areas:

  • care about employee wellness and, for this purpose, support of sports events and active living;
  • improvement of healthcare infrastructure and provision of the state-of-the-art healthcare services for employees;
  • organization of recreation for employees and their children;
  • building and development of corporate wellness resorts and vacation facilities;
  • improvement of public catering system.

Society and the State

CherMK, being the largest business in the city and, therefore, the largest employer, taxpayer and charitable contributor in the city, as well as in the region, is committed to addressing social issues in its region.

Roads, bridges, schools, hospitals are built with participation of the company in the city and the region. These projects create new jobs and ensure decent healthcare, education and salaries thus supporting stable social environment in the region.

The company supports initiatives of non-governmental organizations and associations. The company's regional projects are focused on supporting education, culture and healthcare, and development of small and medium businesses and other components of a healthy social environment.