Quality Policy

The quality assurance policy meets the goals of Severstal PJSC and is the basis for functioning and improvement of the quality management system of the company.

Our commitments:

  • manufacturing of products that fully meet the requirements of each consumer;
  • continuous improvement and raising the effectiveness of the quality management system;
  • strategic and operational marketing planning as a means of determining current and future customer needs and striving to exceed their expectations;
  • preservation and expansion of markets for products;
  • increasing production efficiency and reducing costs;
  • improving the quality of products.

Our principles:

  • customer orientation;
  • leadership and responsibility of management;
  • unity of goals of all divisions of the Company;
  • training, involvement in the work and use of the abilities of all employees;
  • use of the process approach in the management of activities and resources;
  • management of interrelated processes as a system;
  • continuous improvement of work of the organization as a whole;
  • decision making based on analysis of data and information;
  • establishing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and all stakeholders.

Management of Severstal PJSC assumes responsibility for implementation of the Quality Assurance Policy, intends to strictly follow the stated principles and encourages all employees to actively participate in its implementation.