Energy Saving Policy

Energy saving policy is consistent with the objectives of Severstal PJSC, complies with the laws and regulations of the Russian Federation in the field of energy and energy saving, with strict compliance with the requirements for environmental protection.

Our commitments:

  • efficient use of energy resources in the production, processing, transportation, storage and consumption, and reduction of their unit costs;
  • creation and use of energy-efficient technologies, equipment, materials, building structures, planning methods and automatic process control systems;
  • use of the potential of secondary energy resources to the fullest extent possible;
  • ensuring the Company's energy independence from third party suppliers and producers of energy resources;
  • decrease in power consumption of the melted steel.

Our principles:

  • development of the energy saving strategy of the Company;
  • systemic and integrated approach in the implementation of measures for energy saving and energy efficiency;
  • ensuring an optimal mode of energy consumption;
  • encouragement of the Company's energy-efficient behavior and use of energy-saving equipment and materials;
  • priority of efficient use of energy resources;
  • compulsory nature and reliable accounting of produced and consumed energy resources and control over their use.

Management of Severstal PJSC assumes responsibility for implementation of the Energy Saving Policy, intends to strictly follow the stated principles and encourages all employees to actively participate in its implementation.