Environmental policy

Environmental sustainability is a priority during all phases of our production process: coal and ore mining, coke production, pig iron and steel smelting, and high-technology product output.

Priority directions of our activity in the field of environmental protection:

  • prevent environmental contamination, participation in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • optimize energy use and natural resources;
  • efficiently manage wastes.

Our obligations in the field of environmental protection:

  • Comply with all applicable legal and customer requirements and ensure that our contractors do the same at each of our facilities;
  • Plan and develop production processes based on this Policy;
  • Be transparent in our environmental sustainability activities and openly communicate with stakeholders;
  • Have all levels of management contribute to assessing, evaluating and mitigating environmental risks.

To ensure continuous improvement in the field of environmental protection we will:

  • Improve our management system including enhanced training and encouraging workers' input regarding environmental protection;
  • Establish challenging goals in the field of environmental sustainability, work hard to achieve these goals and openly communicate our progress;
  • Implement state of the art technologies and equipment to ensure the environmental impact reduction.

From our managers and employees we expect:

  • Responsible attitudes towards environmental sustainability; strict compliance with the requirements in this area;
  • Immediate reporting of all production incidents, accidents and hazards that present an environmental risk;
  • Personal engagement in the company's environmental campaigns and initiatives.

Improving environmental performance, we contribute to improving the quality of life of people and the competitiveness of the Company


Functioning of the environmental management system (EMS) is accompanied by its continuous improvement, including by updating local environmental regulations.

All results of environmental activities are open and accessible to all stakeholders.

The main goal of EMS is the effective management of significant environmental aspects through planning goals for reducing environmental impact and achieving them.

EMS is aimed at preventive actions, switch from reactive monitoring to active one, i.e. from investigating environmental violations to effective planning of activities and monitoring the current state of environmental protection equipment, technological processes that have an impact on the environment, the environment itself.

To achieve the main goal in the field of environmental protection – the achievement of a technically acceptable and economically sound level of environmental impact reduction – the company annually draws up a list of environmental objectives, and also develops a program of activities to achieve these objectives

Environmental Policy Contact Persons

Valery Sergeevich Minchev
Head of Division for Occupational Health, Industrial and Environmental Safety
Mikhail Nikolayevich Belov
Chief Environmental Specialist of Severstal PJSC

Radiation safety

If you have questions about radiation safety at Severstal CJSC, please, contact:
Dmitry Sergeevich Fedorov
Radiation Safety Manager (general questions)
Sergey Anatolievich Karpichev
Head of nondestructive inspection laboratory of CTK (for radiation monitoring reports)