How to check the certificate

Dear Customer,

As part of the process to improve the customer focus of Severstal PJSC, we offer you an online service to verify the authenticity of certificates for products manufactured by CherMK after September 1, 2011.

The procedure for verifying certificates requires the following steps:

  • To have a quality certificate for CherMK products in a hard copy, printed either by the Manufacturer (CherMK) or by any Supplier. If the date on the certificate in a hard copy is earlier than 01/09/2011, then verification of this certificate is not possible (for certificates for Sheksna products, this date will be set later).
  • Go to Webpage Quality Certificate Authentication.
  • Enter the details from the paper certificate (certificate number, date, verification code) to the opened screen form, the control graphic text from the image and press the “Check” button.
  • Compare all data of the found certificate (on the screen) with the corresponding data of the certificate in a hard copy.
    If the data match, the certificate is authentic; otherwise, it is fake.
  • In case of detection of a fake certificate, or if you wish to send any message to the Manufacturer , we ask you to fill in the application form and send it directly to the Manufacturer.

Клиентам. Проверка подлинности сертификата. Как проверить сертификат

What to do if the certificate data does not match?


Please report this fact through the special form of communication with the manufacturer, in which you need to fill in:

  • Details of the certificate being verified (its number, date of preparation, verification code),
  • Your personal data for feedback – email and/or phone number,
  • Description of the problem or your question to the Manufacturer on the certificate being verified.

We ask you to enter here the name of the supplier of the fake certificate, its address, phone numbers, etc.

The quality certificate with the requested details was not found in the manufacturer’s database (CherMK Severstal PJSC)


It means that:

  • either the certificate in a hard copy has the date earlier than September 01, 2011,
  • or details from the certificate in a hard copy were entered incorrectly,
  • or the certificate in a hard copy with such details is fake.

If the requested certificate is found in the database, then all its data from the database will be displayed for further verification.