Official document on certification of product and quality management system

One of the main conditions for maintaining the competitiveness of the company operating in the Russian and international markets is the availability of certificates confirming compliance with international standards of both quality management systems and the quality of products themselves. Considering the above, in 1997, Severstal began preparations for certification of the quality management system for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9002: 1994. To this end, in 1997, the company entered into an agreement with All-Russia Scientific Research Institute for Certification, whose employees, together with specialists of Severstal, implemented a program of measures to ensure readiness for certification. According to the results of the analysis, Lloyd Register Company (LRQA) was chosen as a certification organization, which had extensive experience in certifying quality systems at enterprises producing similar products. Nowadays, the quality management system of Severstal PJSC has been approved by DQS Holding GmbH for compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO/TS 16949: 2009.

Severstal started the process of certification of its products in 1990. This was due to the need to obtain recognition of an independent classification society (third party) when entering into contracts for supply of products for export. Shipbuilding steel was the first type of steel products for certification, the production of which was mastered in 1963, for which already by 1990 there were Certificates of Recognition of the Register of Shipping of the USSR. The first international classification society was Lloyd’s Register (LR) (Great Britain), since the majority of shipbuilding orders were obtained from the British Commonwealth of Nations American Bureau of Shipping (USA) became the next classification society for Severstal.

The obtained certificates secured the international reputation of Severstal PJSC as the manufacturer of shipbuilding steels in accordance with the international requirements, which made it possible to conclude large scale contracts for the supply of shipbuilding steel for export.

Currently, Severstal PJSC supplies shipbuilding steel in accordance with the requirements of the rules of six classification societies: Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS), Lloyd's Register (LR), Norwegian Veritas - German Lloyd (DNV-GL), American Bureau of Shipbuilding (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV), Russian River Register (RRR).

The rules of all classification societies are unified in terms of requirements for certification of production, certification and certification tests, quality of finished rolled products in accordance with the standards developed by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) and relevant resolutions of the Intergovernmental Maritime Organization.

Since 2000, the need has increased in the production of rolled products from high-strength and high-hardness steel for the construction of floating drilling rigs and fixed offshore platforms. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping developed the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Floating Offshore and Fixed Installations. The Rules cover special requirements for steel tenacity and resistance to cold for ice-strengthened and floating offshore installations. (including NDT, Tkb, СТОD, improved weldability).

Severstal PJSC has been granted Certificates of Register of Shipping confirming that the company is authorized to produce steel (at Rolling Mills 2800, 2000 and 5000) with special characteristics for floating offshore and fixed installations. These are the following steel grades: D36CBZ (D36W, E36W, D36SW), D40CBZ (А40W, D40W, E40W, F40W, D40SW), F36CBZ (F36W, F36SW), D450W, E450W, F450W, F500, F500Z, F500CB, F500W, E620, E690, E460W, F460W, F500W.

In addition to Certificates of Conformity for shipbuilding steel grades, Severstal PJSC has a number of certificates for structural steel grades (LR, TUV), accessories of different shapes and quality classes (Russian National Standard (GOST R), Mosstroysertifikatsiya, ROSSTROYSERTIFIKATSIYA, FTsS-stroysertifikatsiya), pipes of different diameters (Russian National Standard (GOST R), Mosstroysertifikatsiya). There are also certificates of conformity for some joint products (slag, gravel in the certification system of SovAsk). Severstal PJSC has also mastered the production of valves of various profiles for construction markets of the Eurozone countries, which made it possible to obtain approval of production conditions in countries such as Finland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary and Slovakia.

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