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      New grades has available in the database of the Engineering Portal: hot-rolled steel S235JR (3.6 mm), S460MC (2 mm), S500MC (5 mm), cold-rolled steel 08ps (1.1 mm) and galvanized steel DX52D (0, 6 mm).

      A new grades available in the Engineering Portal database: hot-rolled steel with BH-effect HDT580F (2.3 mm).

      New grades available in the Engineering Port database: two-phase hot-rolled steel HDT580X (4.2 mm), cold-rolled steel grades DC04 (0.7 mm), DC05 (0.85), HC340LA (1.6 mm), galvanized steel grade DX53D (0.8mm), HX260LAD (1mm), HX300BD (1.2mm).

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    Material properties

    Severstal tests the special material properties for computer simulation of steel reprocessing and further processes. Required material cards can be provided upon the customer request either in universal format or in the used software format.


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