Basic terms of delivery for the domestic market

If you are interested in purchasing metal products manufactured by Severstal PJSC, Sheksna Pipe Works LLC, Severstal - Balakovo Long Product Plant CJSC, please study the Framework Conditions for the Supply of Steel Products of Severstal PJSC (hereinafter referred to as the Framework Conditions) Framework Conditions for the Supply of Steel Products of Severstal PJSC (Revision No. 2 dated 07.09.2016).

To make a decision on supply of metal products, we invite you to send an application in an arbitrary form with an indication of the product mix, volume of rolled metal products, the desired period and conditions of its delivery, as well as details of the Consignee to the email address of the sales manager located in the Contact Details.

If you have not previously had contractual relations with Severstal PJSC, or since the time of conclusion of the previously valid product supply agreement, organizational changes occurred in your company/organization, recorded in your constituent documents, we are required to register a new counterparty or make changes to the previously registered counterparty in the systems of Severstal PJSC. To do this, we ask you to prepare in electronic form and send to the sales manager the following Documents indicating the email address of your contact person.

In case of a positive decision on the supply of steel products under the Framework Conditions and the availability of the necessary documents for registration of a counterparty, the sales manager will send the Specification for the supply of steel products to your email address.

The Specification signed by the Parties is a bilateral agreement on application of the Framework Conditions containing the essential terms of the metal products supply contract.

If the Parties agree on other conditions other than the Framework Conditions for the Supply of Steel Products of Severstal PJSC and the availability of necessary documents to register a counterparty, we will send a draft Supply Contract to your indicated e-mail address within a reasonable time.

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