Rules for order placing

You can place your order using any method that is most convenient for you

  • Make a purchase through the online store
    The fastest and most convenient way to purchase general-purpose metal products (from warehouses or from the manufacturer) is to use the Severstal online store.
    In the online store you can buy long products and structural steel, pipes and bent profiles, hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel, coated steel.
  • Use EDI – electronic data interchange.
  • Send an order via e-mail.

Requirements for order execution

Completeness of information in the order will allow you to place an order in due course and set production dates

Contractual terms

  • Contract No.
  • Delivery terms and conditions
  • Terms of payment

Product characteristics

  • Name of products, product standard
  • Steel grade, steel grade standard
  • Dimensions, tolerance standard/sizes, special requirements for tolerances
  • Scope of delivery (in compliance with car and auto standards)
  • Weight of packaging unit
  • Technical characteristics
  • Purpose
  • End customer

Shipment terms

  • Period of delivery
  • Details of consignee:
    • destination station,
    • code of consignee at railway,
    • approach route,
    • consignor's mark
  • Requirements for packaging, labeling, certificates, etc.
  • For auto delivery, to specify:
    • warehouse schedule,
    • type of transport, unloading method
    • contact phone at unloading

! Completion and adding information to the order at the stage of placing the order results in delay in delivery time.