Key features and contacts

Main functions of the Customer Service Division:

  • Support and placing orders of customers for production.
  • Provision of consulting services and information to customers.
  • Control over accounts payable and accounts receivable.


Vladimir Aleksandrovich Privalov
Head of Customer Service Department
Elena Evgenievna Makarova
Senior Manager of Service Support for Sales of Rolled Metal Products and Related Products to Domestic and International Customers (except Severstal Export and Severstal Distribution)
Kirill Yurievich Lyubimov
Senior Manager for Service Support of Rolled Metal and Related Products Sales of Severstal Export
Aleksandra Alekseevna Voronova
Sales Support Manager in the Contact Center
Ilya Konstantinovich Kolesov
Sales Support Service Manager responsible for sales to the following customers: automotive companies, manufacturers of household appliances, packaging materials and electrical products; machine-building industry; related products.
Alexei Konstantinovich Salangin
Manager responsible for control over accounts receivable and accounts payable
Maria Sergeevna Sandalova
Manager for service support of sales of metal rolled products for the production of building structures
Yana Viktorovna Anisimova
Manager for service support of sales to regional distributors, federal metal traders and customers in the CIS countries
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Contact center
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