Key features and contacts

Main functions of the Customer Service Division:

  • Support and placing orders of customers for production.
  • Provision of consulting services and information to customers.
  • Control over accounts payable and accounts receivable.


Vladimir Aleksandrovich Privalov
Head of Customer Service Department
тел. +7 (8202) 53-05-85
Elena Evgenievna Makarova
Senior Manager of Service Support for Sales of Rolled Metal Products and Related Products to Domestic and International Customers (except Severstal Export and Severstal Distribution)
тел. +7 (8202) 53-24-31
Kirill Yurievich Lyubimov
Senior Manager for Service Support of Rolled Metal and Related Products Sales of Severstal Export
тел. +7 (8202) 53-09-64
Aleksandra Alekseevna Voronova
Sales Support Manager in the Contact Center
тел. +7 (8202) 53-20-59
Ilya Konstantinovich Kolesov
Sales Support Service Manager responsible for sales to the following customers: automotive companies, manufacturers of household appliances, packaging materials and electrical products; machine-building industry; related products.
тел. +7 (8202) 53-24-23
Alexei Konstantinovich Salangin
Manager responsible for control over accounts receivable and accounts payable
тел. +7 (8202) 53-39-30
Maria Sergeevna Sandalova
Manager for service support of sales of metal rolled products for the production of building structures
тел. +7 (8202) 53-31-43
Yana Viktorovna Anisimova
Manager for service support of sales to regional distributors, federal metal traders and customers in the CIS countries
тел. +7 (8202) 53-32-41
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