Electronic Services

The main advantages of the online store are promptness and convenience of acquisition of metal products


  • Quick filling out the questionnaire.
  • Online conclusion of contract

Work with product catalog:

  • Placing orders for the production of standard products.
  • Purchase of products available in warehouses.
  • Calculation of the cost of the order including delivery.

Options of Personal Account:

  • Control over status of order execution.
  • Generation of reports.
  • Receipt of documents.


  • 8-800-200-6939 (Russia);
  • +7 (8202) 67-60-74 (CIS countries)
  • Fax: +7 (8202) 53-09-15



The main advantage of EDI for the customer is the integration of the supplier into the accounting system without double data entry

  • Unified product catalogue
    makes it easy to find the right positions, provides the ability to synchronize with own stock numbers
  • No manual input errors
    Information on the goods is transferred from the price list to the order, from the order to the invoice - manual input errors are excluded.
  • Comparison of prices of suppliers
    Aggregation of prices makes it possible to select the optimal price offer and evaluate the performance of own procurement department.
  • Control of deadlines
    All stages of creation and execution of orders are recorded indicating the responsible person at each stage and with monitoring meeting the deadlines.
  • Electronic coordination
    It is possible to transfer all changes in documents in electronic form from the buyer to the supplier and vice versa – through the EDI operator, reducing the time for approval of changes.
  • Bar coding of goods
    Using bar codes on product tags and sending information about them through EDI allows the customer to automate receipt of goods at the warehouse, reducing staff time.

Electronic document management for invoices and specifications

Advantages of transition to electronic document management for specifications and invoices

In 2016, Severstal started using electronic invoices. Currently, already 52% of invoices of the domestic market are processed electronically.

We offer our partners to evaluate the benefits and make a similar choice.

Electronic document management

  • Instant delivery, online status monitoring (delivered, signed, rejected, etc.)
  • A secure channel for data transmission, eliminating the loss or substitution of data
  • Reduction of labor costs by 65-80%, elimination of manual input errors
  • Free, reliable and always available archive of documents on the EDM operator server. Convenient search by different types of attributes
  • The same version of documents with counterparties, reducing the risk of VAT refunds (when reconciling books of transfer orders at the Federal Tax Service)
  • Possibility to receive a VAT refund in the same period

Stages of connection

  • Select EDM operator
  • Conclude supplementary EDM agreement with us
  • Make settings for receiving documents and determine the start date

Contact us about EDM connection:

You can get advice on the connection from the responsible manager for EDM with customers:

for invoices
Svetlana Zykova
е-mail: svetlana.sazonova@severstal-ssc.ru
mobile phone: 8 (915) 962-57-64

for specifications
Yana Viktorovna Anisimova
е-mail: yav.zagdai@severstal.ru
mobile phone: 8 (931) 510-72-53