Dmitry Nikolaevich Gorbachov

Director on Development of Severstal Management Business System

Dmitry Nikolaevich Gorbachov

Dmitry Gorbachov was born in 1981. He graduated with honours from St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University with a degree in Corporate Management.

He is currently studying for an MBA in General Management at Stockholm School of Economics.

Dmitry joined Severstal in 1999 as a control pulpit operator in the steel coil finishing shop and then until 2009 worked in different positions in Cold Rolled Steel Production Division.

In November 2009 he became a member of the task force which established the Severstal Business System.

From 2010 to 2014 Dmitry worked as manager and senior manager in different departments of the Steel Division. Then he occupied the position of Deputy Director on Expert Work in Flat Rolled Steel Production of CherMK.

From July, 2016 onwards he has worked at Power Machines in the capacity of Deputy Director on Development of Business System.